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The United Kingdom of Great Britain is not a tax haven, but it is THE country that is really applying liberalism, and seeks to reduce taxes on corporate profits and provide a good relief on employment costs.

This probably explains why the number of companies reported to companies House has risen from 125.000 in 1976 to just over 4 million at the end of the year 2018!

It is possible in the United Kingdom to set up a business without any capital input (it is possible to fix the capital at GBP 2 and the English law does not impose a time limit to change this. The capital can also be set at 100.000 pounds with no extra charge (which may be welcome if you wish to incorporate a branch in any other country…)

Small businesses are exempt from all formalities and declarations in respect of English VAT [V.A.T. = Value Added Tax], and this if they remain below an annual turnover of 85,000 pounds Sterling (i.e. about 95.000 Euros at the current exchange rate) It should be noted that operations outside Britain do not compute for this threshold…

If a VAT registration is required for your intended activity we will fill the request on your behalf and submit the declarations on a quarterly or monthly basis according to your level of turnover, but you must provide a proof of the reasons for this request, if it is made at the time of the incorporation of the company (contracts, proforma invoices, etc…)

Currently the English rate of tax on business profits is 19% (compare with what you currently pay!)

The dividends were not taxed at the source until a recent date, currently depending on the country in which they are transferred the rates are 0 to 20% (zero for Switzerland or Hong Kong 15% for Chile and 20% for Panama… as examples)

 The foregoing and some other peculiarities of Anglo-Saxon Law make English law limited companies more attractive than most of their counterparts in other European Union countries.

The Private Limited Companies (LTD) are the most commonly used for standard nusiness uses, services or Trade. The rules of Constitution are basic and suitable for most of your Business needs.

The Public Limited Company (PLC) but these are generally structures used for large companies, considering the use of public savings or destined to be listed on the stock exchange. The rules of Constitution are more restrictive and the legal obligations are more important, therefore more expensive.

The LLP or Limited Liability Partnership which is a form of association of partners-which can be legal persons-just as is the case in the USA with the LLC the main reason for incorporating the LLP is that by structuring them correctly they do not pay any English TAXES….

However, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that incorrect use can defer Taxes on the foreign customer of these LLP! : Indeed, these companies are in fact tax resident in the countries where the Partners are located… which can be a significant risk to their customers.

We administer on behalf of our international customers all types of companies in the UK, from small LTD with a low turnover up to international companies (with subsidiaries, employees, important accounting and reporting obligations) we can manage all aspects of this type of business from our London offices, without the Owners or Directors being physically present in the United Kingdom.

We should also point out that companies regsitered in the UK, under English law can incorporate Branches in many countries (including for example Switzerland…), with reduced legal requirements and low administrative Fees and with no additional disbursement related to the capital…

The United Kingdom also authorizes legalization [notary Public + Ministry of Foreign Affairs] and Apostille [if the country of destination is also a signatory to The Hague Convention] of business documents issued in any jurisdiction and In any language.

If you want to incorporate a Company in the United Kingdom please inform us.

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