Panama (Republic of Panama) is a country of 75 420 km2 located at the southern end of Central America, on the Isthmus of Panama. It is bordering Costa Rica and Colombia, of which it was once part. The country is populated by about 4 million inhabitants

The currency is the Balboa (ISO PAB Code) which only exists in coins, all banknote transactions are made in this country with US Dollars and the parity is thus guaranteed to 1 BALBOA = 1 USD

It is a key element of Central America and especially Atlantic-Pacific maritime traffic.

During the whole of the last century, the United States had important strategic interests in the area, particularly with regard to the control of the Canal and its passage. They then felt “forced” to intervene on many occasions.

The return of the Canal to PANAMA on December 31st, 1999 had the effect of comforting respect for the sovereignty of that country by third countries, whatever they may be.

The current government of Panama is making many efforts to offer attractive solutions to foreign investors-in the Colon free Zone for example-and offer a range of solutions for the incorporation of offshore companies, trusts and Insurance companies, as well as for everything related to marine activities

It is possible to use a “Sociedad Anónima” registered in Panama for operations between Latin American and Asian countries, or Eastern Europe and Africa… But it is not advisable to use it for operations with the European Union Members Countries or with the USA or Australia, mainly if you provide and invoice Services.

The creation of limited companies is simple and very fast, all legal documents are established immediately in Spanish and in English, which facilitate their international use

Management is minimal, no accounting, no taxes on profits, etc…

Our on-site office can provide all Services of Nominees according to your needs so that your name is not visible in the commercial register or on the Internet

The opening of bank accounts for your newly created company or also for personal use is not a problem but an onsite visit will be necessary.

We prepare the required legal documents, make an appointment with the bank and our local partner will introduce you to your future account manager, he will then let you talk about your Finances with this one, we never interfere with your Finance talks after the formal presentation has been done.

We can also offer you our local Services for registration with the Maritime Register and therefore obtaining the Panamanian flag for your maritime units of commerce or pleasure, if you want more information about it please contact us.

Finally, it is possible by perfectly legal procedures to obtain a Panamanian passport, as a “retired annuitant” (age is irrelevant…) and to use this passport to prove you are not Tax-Resident in any other country… And get a total exemption from personal taxes in Panama…

A money deposit, which must be held in a Savings Account with the Central Bank of Panama, is required but it is refundable with interests at the time of the return of the passport, if you decide one day that you no longer need it.

If you would like to create a business in Panama please inform us.

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