Marshall Islands

The Marshall Islands (long form: Republic of the Marshall Islands) is a state of Micronesia, whose independence was recognized in 1990, it has no army and its defence is ensured by the United States.

This archipelago, located in Oceania, east of the Carolinas Islands, north-northwest of the Gilbert Islands, south and south-southeast of Wake and east-southeast of the Northern Marianas, consists of volcanic islands and coral atolls

The country is now independent in the form of a parliamentary republic.

Official languages are Marshallese and English.

The name of the capital is: Delap-Uliga-Darrit, it is also the largest city, but the country has a total of 75.000 inhabitants.

Currency: American Dollar (ISO Code: USD)

Although this may appear to be a somewhat exotic jurisdiction and above all little known it is possible to register merchant ships or yachts and also to create companies that benefit from all the advantages of tax havens

With regard to bank accounts given the few offers available on site we advise instead to manage your financial flows in HONG KONG.

This proposal is based on the following structure:

A Company registered in Marshall Islands with a bank account in an “AAA Class” Bank in HONG KONG.

Business address will be located at our premises in KOWLOON (HONG KONG), additional Services like a dedicated telephone line and/or fax line are available.

If you want to incorporate your new company according to the formula above please inform us via the contact form and we will give you a detailed offer with an estimation of costs.

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