Inheritance / Succession

Talking about death doesn’t make you die… Talking about the money you leave behind with qualified professionals allows you to make effective arrangements…

From a certain age it is a security that allows to enjoy the serenity that we feel in determining who will inherit your property and by freely choosing the amounts allocated to each, according to his merits, and not according to a system of reserving quota. That you do not necessarily want to submit to!

Estate rights, in many countries where your income and Capital have already been heavily taxed at the time of acquiring them, constitute an additional tax on death.

In France (for example…), already world champion at the level of taxation and miscellaneous taxes the rules and rates are as follows:

If you have a very important heritage you can choose to settle in a Country like Switzerland for example where the taxation rates are from 0% to 25% in the Valais, in case you live with a person without being married or both members of a Civil Pact a succession of 2 million euros in France it will remain net 800.000 euros to the beneficiary, in the Valais for the same initial sum he or she will receive net 1,5 million euros…

If the sums at stake are lower you can put in place solutions in the form of companies (in one or more countries), which you will fund at your will, with no obligations at all.

It will then be sufficient to hand over the shares (“bearer shares” are allowed in several Jurisdictions ) to the future beneficiary, or to deposit them in your bank safe which can only be opened by two persons of confidence signing jointly, when the time comes, or leave instructions under seal at a notary in Geneva or London (but not as a “Last Will” form which would oblige him to report the belongings and amounts involved, to the Notary appointed as estate executor.)

Corporate Bodies never die !…. Some are initially established for 99 years… but this leaves a “good margin”.

If you want our advice to select the best solution according to your personal situation please contact us and we will propose suitable alternatives.

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