Cyprus is not anymore -since May 01, 2004- a Tax Haven but is now a Full Member of the European Union… but it can also be said that Cyprus is the Member who applies the lowest level of Corporate Tax.

Unfortunately since the events we have experienced in 2013, when depositors with more than EUR 100,000 at any bank in the Country were forced to get  involved in the recapitalization of the local Banks, and were facing losses of around 30% (some have lost up to 47,5 % of their assets), we cannot anymore recommend this Jurisdiction and we have removed it from our Offers.

We had the “chance” to warn our Clients several weeks before this happened, and they have experienced no loss at all…

BUT … we do not want to take the chance again!

If you want to consider any other Jurisdiction we can presently recommend as suitable and safe solution please have a look at our page Tax Advice.

If you have not decided yet which one can be the BEST solution for you please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help you in the selection, and will provide a detailed offer and a quote.

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