A foreign bank account is mandatory for the operations of your future company but also for all tax-free assets investments. So we’re going to talk about business accounts and personal accounts.

Corporate Accounts:

Our services prepare all necessary Documentation: Account application forms, legal documents and meetings of the boards of Directors, Copies of Corporate documents with Apostille or Consular certification, and send you the whole for your signature with detailed instructionsand then present everything to the bank you have chosen.

In many jurisdictions everything can be treated by “COURIER”, in a few days, except for Switzerland, Canada, Panama or the USA where a personal meeting with the Bank Account Manager will always be mandatory.

Upon acceptance by the Bank which communicates your account number and any information necessary for your operations such as SWIFT, Internet code generator, etc… Our intervention is over, [except special warrant on your part, signed at the same bank]

We do not make any proposals of investments and will always advise you to deal directly with your Bank after opening the account.

We have very good and very long relations with a number of banks, always chosen between the “PRIME BANKS” [AAA ranking] and can assure smooth processing for the opening of business and/or personal accounts.

Nowadays it is usually better -as much as possible-to open the bank account in the same jurisdiction where the company is registered in the commercial register, this avoid problems of interpretation of documents, translation, Legalization, etc… But also avoid having to declare that you are a signatory to this foreign account in your Residency Country.

We offer our banking Introduction Services in the following Places:

The initial deposit to activate a business account will be around 10,000 USD (Belize, Hong Kong) 100,000 USD (USA) or 1,000,000 (Switzerland, except for Swiss Companies where a 100,000 CHF initial deposit will usually be accepted).

Banks also like to have a commitment from the Client about an average balance which the Client will maintain at all times.

Debit cards for ATM, and internet banking are offered by all our banking partners.

For credit cards a security deposit is required (between two and a half times and three times the monthly limit of allowed expenses, this so-for the bank-to guard against the risks of late billing by the card organization because the account might not have a sufficient balance at that time)

There are also many offers of prepaid cards that you can supply from your account

Personal accounts:

When it comes to personal accounts the banking Place that always collects the most votes is undoubtedly Switzerland, but since 2013 and the reduction of the scope of “bank secrecy” many European customers are turning to solutions in the USA or HONG KONG to have a better guarantee of discretion.

In Switzerland the opening of personal accounts for residents of the European Union is always possible but the “entrance ticket” is now set by Private Banking Managers at around one million Euros…

If you would like to consider other financial places or have specific needs not listed here please consult us.

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